Guide to Buying A Used Cybex Arc Trainer in 2020

This image shows pre-owned Cybex Arc Trainers.

Selecting a used Arc trainer requires careful review. Firstly I want to address the machines that have been “serviced”. Secondly the Arc trainer is a durable machine and does not need much upkeep. I believe that most sellers that claim to service them are simply making sure they are clean and in working order. So here is a list of things to look for when buying a used Arc Trainer.

1.) Check and make sure it turns on and works. Self powered models start when you begin pedaling, and plug in models should always be lit when switched to the on position.

2.) Listen to the operation of the incline or stride feature. If it squeaks, grinds, or is extra noisy the lift motor may need service or replacement.

3.) Make sure the resistance works. Take it all the way up to the highest level and then all the way down while pedaling the machine.

4.) Look under the machine for rust and stains. If it is rusty on the bottom then there is a good chance there is rust under the plastic. This actually isn’t that big of a deal, but if you are looking for a better price its a great bargaining tactic.

5.) Pedal the machine at a slow pace for at least five minutes and listen for any clicks. Most of the time this is easily fixed by backing off and re-tightening some bolts. Please note that these sounds could also mean that the machine needs service. Again this info is a great for getting the price down.

6.) Check the usage log (Call Cybex and they will tell you how to do it.) All Commercial cardio machines and most home machines have a usage log that will show hours and mileage. Having this information is critical especially if you are looking at two different machines.

7.) Arc trainers are heavy. If the person is offering delivery and install TAKE IT! Local delivery should cost about 100-200 dollars.

To sum up I believe if you have considered all of these tips, you like the way the machine feels, and it’s a fair deal…


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